Magic Science Camp - Invisible Forces & Showtime! (3 hours)

Magic Science Camp - Invisible Forces & Showtime! (3 hours)

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Also sold in a full week camp (15 hour) set.

In Magic Science Camp, kids learn the secret tricks of real magicians!  Of course, there is science to be discovered in every trick, and along the way kids explore chemistry, optics, physics, engineering, life sciences and more. 

In Magic Science Camp - Invisible Forces & Showtime!, students will:

  • Explore air pressure and gravity
  • Observe an egg that is magically pulled into a bottle (demonstration only)
  • Learn to magically hang a bottle from a rope
  • Explore water pressure
  • Use magic pencils to stop water flow
  • Learn how to plan for and stage a magic show
  • Perform a magic show!

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Quick Facts:

  • 3 hours of activities. Also sold as a complete full week set (15 hours).
  • Ideal for young scientists ages 4-10, featuring hands-on, child-directed learning.
  • Easy to find materials; no expensive kits required.
  • Immediate download as a .pdf upon purchase.
  • Turn-key science curriculum gets you up and running quickly:
    • Detailed instructions
    • May be customized with your own ideas to create the perfect fit
    • Clearly defined learning objectives
    • Scientific background & terminology for each activity
    • Advice on setup, schedule, timing & transitions
    • Links to recommended daily science videos
    • Detailed supply lists
    • Preparation instructions, checklists & timeline
    • Complete set of printables
    • Coordinated STEM camp games
    • Online support
  • Curriculum developed over 10+ years by teachers and scientists at Curiosity Zone, an award-winning kid-sized science lab.
  • License includes up to 5 locations/100 students (whichever is less) for one year.
  • Offer as a half-day camp, combine with field trips and other camp activities to create a full-day camp experience, or break apart and stretch over several days.
  • This camp is especially appealing to girls, who are often hard to draw into science programs.  

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