Licensing Details

Please read our Class & Camp Curriculum Licensing Agreement carefully.  We want to make sure you understand all of the provisions, including the following:

  • The license is for one year only, and is limited in scope in terms of the number of locations and/or students for which it can be used.

  • Due to non-compete rights owned by the owner/operator of the Curiosity Zone in Ashburn, VA, this curriculum may not be used within an 18 mile radius of 43135 Broadlands Center Plaza, #123, Ashburn, VA, 20148.  This blackout area includes most of Loudoun County, VA and Fairfax County, VA west of the Beltway. 

  • You may use the name "Curiosity Zone®" for the limited purpose described in the license, but this is not a franchise, and you cannot use our name or other Curiosity Zone trademarks in your business name or program name.

  • You may change/add to/delate from the curriculum however you would like.  You may not, however, resell the curriculum or any derivative work you create from it, or reuse it once the term of the license has expired.