Space Camp with Lego® Play - Full Week (15 hours)

Space Camp with Lego® Play - Full Week (15 hours)

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Also sold in single day units.

What's it like to be an astronaut?  This awesome summer camp adventure combines hands-on STEM exploration with Lego® play to explore rockets, space stations, robots, space weather, planetary geology, stars, asteroids, meteors, rockets and so much more, while also developing skills in creative thinking, design, teamwork, astronomy, engineering, geology, meteorology, chemistry, physics and math.

Each day of camp features:

  • Introductory videos and background information
  • A “wow” demonstration
  • Several child-directed hands-on STEM activities
  • Lego® play
  • Theme-related camp games

Look inside a day of Space Camp.

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Camp Outline:

Day 1:  Rockets

  • Explore the science and engineering of rockets and rocket fuel
  • Explore gravity
  • Build and launch three types of rockets
  • Build Lego® rockets
  • Play space camp games

Day 2:  Prepare for the Space Mission

  • Explore the science, engineering and technology involved in keeping astronauts safe in space
  • Explore solar energy and sunscreen
  • Make a sunlight detector
  • Explore the concept of weightlessness
  • Make an astronaut snack and drink
  • Make a mission map for space travel
  • Learn about the International Space Station
  • Learn about animals traveling in space
  • Build a Lego® space station
  • Play space camp games

Day 3:  Robotics & Coding

  • Explore the science, engineering and technology of robots, and how they are used in space
  • Learn to program a robot
  • Write words in binary code
  • Use binary code to make a necklace
  • Make a robotic finger model
  • Build Lego® robots
  • Play space camp games

Day 4:  Night Sky

  • Learn about the Moon
  • Explore and make impact craters
  • Explore comets, asteroids and meteors
  • Make a comet model
  • Explore stars and constellations
  • Make constellation art
  • Explore satellites
  • Build a Lego® satellite
  • Play space camp games

Day 5:  Building the Space Colony

  • Explore planetary geology and meteorology
  • Erupt a space volcano
  • Make wind spinners
  • Explore the possibility of extraterrestrial life
  • Make alien slime
  • Build Lego® Buildings for the Space Colony
  • Play space camp games

Quick Facts:

  • 15 hours of activities.  Also sold in single day units (3 hours of activities).
  • Ideal for young scientists, ages 4-10.
  • Easy to find materials; no expensive kits.
  • Turn-key science curriculum gets you up and running quickly:
    • Detailed instructions for teaching interconnected kid-directed STEM activities
    • May be customized with your own ideas to create the perfect fit
    • Clearly defined learning objectives
    • Scientific background & terminology for each activity
    • Advice on setup, schedule, timing & transitions
    • Links to recommended daily science videos
    • Detailed supply lists
    • Preparation instructions, checklists & timeline
    • Complete set of printables
    • Coordinated STEM camp games
    • Online support
  • Curriculum developed over 10+ years by teachers and scientists at Curiosity Zone, an award-winning kid-sized science lab.
  • License includes up to 5 locations/100 students (whichever is less students) for one year.
  • Offer as a half-day camp, combine with field trips and other camp activities to create a full-day camp experience, or break apart and stretch over several days.
  • Immediate download as a .pdf upon purchase.

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By purchasing this curriculum, you are consenting to the terms of our Licensing Agreement.