"Lego® Engineers" STEM Summer Camp Curriculum - Complete (5 half-day units)

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What's it like to be an engineer?  This awesome summer camp adventure combines hands-on STEM exploration with Lego® building to explore simple machines, boats and buoyancy, racecars, rockets, planes, helicopters, gravity, friction, energy and so much more.  Look inside.

Quick Facts:

  • Immediate download upon purchase.
  • Best for Ages 4-10.
  • License includes up to 5 locations/100 students (whichever is less) for one year.
  • Easy to find materials; no expensive kits.
  • Online training & support.
  • 15 hours of activities (5 daily units of 3 hour programming).  
  • Use for a complete week-long camp or break into smaller units.  Combine with field trips and other camp activities to create a full-day camp experience.
  • Turn-key curriculum:
    • Detailed instructions for teaching 30+ interconnected kid-directed STEM activities
    • May be customized with your own ideas to create the perfect fit
    • Clearly defined learning objectives
    • Scientific background & terminology for each activity
    • Advice on setup, schedule, timing & transitions
    • Links to recommended daily videos
    • Detailed supply lists
    • Preparation instructions, checklists & timeline
    • Complete set of printables
    • Coordinated camp games.

Download our free guide:  How to Start a STEM Summer Camp

Camp Outline:  

Day 1:  Simple Machines

  • Make marble runs
  • Experiment with inclined planes
  • Make catapults
  • Experiment with levers
  • Experiment with spring scales
  • Use Legos® to make simple machines

Day 2:  Boats & Submarines

  • Explore buoyancy
  • Make Cartesian divers
  • Explore air pressure
  • Make balloon-powered boats
  • Experiment with diving submarines
  • Use Legos® to make boats & battleships

Day 3:  Vehicles

  • Experiment with balloon-powered cars
  • Play with race cars
  • Explore gravity, friction and aerodynamics
  • Make spool racers
  • Experiment with speed and kinetic energy
  • Use Legos® to make racecars

Day 4:  Flight

  • Experiment with Bernoulli's principle and how to achieve lift
  • Levitate balloons and ping pong balls
  • Make a fly paper helicopters
  • Make and fly loopy flyers
  • Experiment with paper airplane design
  • Use Legos® to make airships

Day 5:  Rockets &Spaceships

  • Make and blast off alka seltzer rockets
  • Experiment with types of “rocket fuel”
  • Experiment with rocket design
  • Make rocket balloon pinwheels
  • Use Legos® to make rockets and spaceships