Lego® Engineers Camp: Boats & Submarines (3 hours)

Lego® Engineers Camp: Boats & Submarines (3 hours)

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What's it like to be an engineer?  This awesome summer camp adventure combines hands-on STEM exploration with Lego® building to explore boats, submarines & buoyancy.  Look inside a sample of the Lego® Camp curriculum.

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Boats, Submarines & Buoyancy Camp Outline:  

  • Explore buoyancy
  • Make Cartesian divers
  • Explore air pressure
  • Make balloon-powered boats
  • Experiment with diving submarines
  • Use Legos® to make boats & battleships

Quick Facts:

  • 3 hours of activities.  View full week Lego Engineers camp (15 hours).
  • Best for ages 4-10.
  • Curriculum developed over 10 years by teachers and scientists at Curiosity Zone, an award-winning kid-sized science lab.
  • Easy to find materials; no expensive kits.
  • Immediate download upon purchase.
  • Online training & support.
  • License includes up to 5 locations/100 students (whichever is less) for one year.
  • Offer as a half-day camp, combine with field trips and other camp activities to create a full-day camp experience, or break apart and stretch over several days.
  • Turn-key science curriculum:
    • Detailed instructions for teaching interconnected kid-directed STEM activities
    • May be customized with your own ideas to create the perfect fit
    • Clearly defined learning objectives
    • Scientific background & terminology for each activity
    • Advice on setup, schedule, timing & transitions
    • Links to recommended daily science videos
    • Detailed supply lists
    • Preparation instructions, checklists & timeline
    • Complete set of printables
    • Coordinated STEM camp games

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    By purchasing this curriculum, you are consenting to the terms of our Licensing Agreement.